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What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Sound-Absorbing Materials?

Oct. 22, 2020

With the change of the times, people's lifestyles have begun to change, modern living standards, followed by the continuous diffusion of life noise and more and more difficult to control. The louder the noise, the lower the quality of people's life.

In order to improve the quality of life, various sound-absorbing materials have emerged. So, what factors should be considered when choosing sound-absorbing materials?

1. Architectural design requirements. If the sound-absorbing materials cannot meet the requirements of the building, they will not only fail to achieve the sound-absorbing effect and waste money when used in an indoor environment, they may even cause indoor sound disorder and sound reverberation. If you need to reduce the mid-to-high frequency reverberation time when dealing with sound noise, you can choose mid- and high-frequency sound-absorbing materials, such as sound-absorbing soft bags and sound absorbers. If you need to reduce low-frequency noise and low-frequency reverberation time, you can choose Use sound-absorbing materials such as grooved wood sound-absorbing panels or perforated wood sound-absorbing panels.

Sound-Absorbing Materials

2. The sound-absorbing effect of sound-absorbing materials is not affected by the environment. Acoustic materials need to be able to maintain a certain degree of stability for a long time. It is recommended not to use materials that are prone to damage or have poor sound-absorbing effects after many years of use. Generally, sound-absorbing materials are waterproof , Moisture-proof, moth-proof, mildew-proof and other requirements, to avoid repeated costly due to improper selection of materials.

3. General sound-absorbing materials need to be fire-resistant and flame-retardant. For many modern public places, red light and green wine have become the colors of the times. The life style will inevitably cause the fall of the fire source. If it cannot be blocked in time Cutting off the fire source will cause huge losses.

4. The material is durable, and the sound-absorbing material generally needs to have a certain degree of mechanical lightness, so that it will not be damaged and aging during installation, use and transportation.

5. The materials are environmentally friendly materials. Many of the modern interior decoration materials are non-environmentally friendly furniture. If unhealthy and environmentally friendly materials are used for a long time, it may cause the release of toxic gases contained in the materials, such as the release of formaldehyde gas, so it is sound-absorbing The material must contain an authoritative environmental testing report.

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