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Felt: The Ideal Acoustic and Decorative Solution

Jun. 09, 2021

Open workspaces are perfect for making the most of modern infrastructure and facilitating communication ...... but they can also be very noisy. Combinations of metal, concrete, glass or tiles with low acoustic absorption properties can especially create resonance effects or noise, with all the problems that entails.

What is acoustic felt?

Acoustic felts describe a variety of materials consisting of compressed fibers of varying thickness, density and composition. The fibrous nature of felt creates bubbles in the material that allow sound to be absorbed with a minimum NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 0.45.


Because of its versatility and advanced manufacturing process, it often has a sturdy surface that can be cut or printed to showcase incredible designs that fit any space.

Creative Designed Priting Acoustic Felt 

Creative Designed Priting Acoustic Felt

Advantages of acoustic felt

Sound insulation to improve the working environment

Noise has a major impact on productivity: people find it difficult to work in noisy environments. Concentrations can drop by up to 71%. Absolute silence is also undesirable because the slightest noise can be amplified. The ideal working environment strikes an optimal balance between sound and silence. Good acoustics depend on different factors, such as reverberation time and how the space is used.

When it comes to sound absorption, few materials offer the versatility, utility and performance of acoustic mats.

Absorb sound

Sound travels in three dimensions and will bounce off walls, ceilings and floors when uncontrolled. Hard surfaces tend to amplify sound, creating distracting echoes and reverberations, and certain materials, such as acoustical felts, can help absorb sound.


What makes felt unique from other acoustical treatments is that it can be applied to every surface in a given room.

This means that even if you refuse to cover an exposed brick wall with wallboard, it doesn't mean you're doomed to experience constant reverberation.

There is an acoustical felt solution for your floors and ceilings that will help mitigate noise and allow you to love your space more than ever.

Creative Designed Priting Acoustic Felt

 Creative Designed Priting Acoustic Felt

Ever thought of using felt as an acoustic material?

Acoustic felts are made of materials with excellent sound insulation properties. They not only reduce noise, but also reduce pollutants in the room. Therefore, they are perfect for restaurants, noisy offices or your home. Our acoustic felts are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors to meet the artistic and aesthetic requirements of your project, whether you choose a standard solution or a custom solution.

Acoustic Felt Applications

Creative designed Priting acoustic felt is Printed on solid color acoustic felt, which is A felt textile from DECO SOUND Acoustic, a sophisticated and intelligent collection of acoustic panels, compared with wall paper, the printing felt has better acoustic performance and no harmful to human. If you want to get more information about the wholesale best acoustic felt price, welcome to contact us.

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