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How to Install a Polyester Acoustic Panel?

Dec. 07, 2020

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing decorative panels with sound absorption, noise reduction, noise reduction, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, thermal insulation and other effects, the material is symmetrical and reliable, is a wide band of high-efficiency sound-absorbing materials. So how do you install a polyester sound-absorbing panel? Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels supplier will tell you.

When installing the polyester fiber-absorbent panel wall with reserved back cavity, you can use straight clip type light steel keel to do the back attachment keel. In a good solid wall attached to the wall keel, the polyester fiber board with glue, or nail the method of connecting with the light steel keel. It has good flatness and stability.

V-Groove Wall Panels

Directly affixed to the solid wall is as follows.

1. Pay attention to plate selection and plate-layout before construction.

Pay attention to slight color difference, find out the center point of the paste surface, draw cross line, adopt the way of bricklaying, and start to line up the board from the center point (it is best to wear gloves to avoid pollution).

2.Cut the board surface

Use steel ruler and sharp knife to cut or decorate accordingly, if you want to reduce the seam, you can tilt the blade inward by 0.5 ~ 1mm when cutting to facilitate the board edge butt, and reduce the gap.


(1) Cement or wood base surface: can choose non-benzene universal glue or white latex made of neoprene rubber.

(2) Base surface of paper gypsum board: under the premise that it is not easy to be damp, you can choose white emulsion glue or wallpaper glue made of cellulose as raw material (should be fixed with nails immediately after gluing to avoid the glue is not dry and the board surface moves).

(3) Under the premise of easy or possible moisture, you can use universal glue.

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels are porous sound-absorbing materials, it is easy to absorb glue, blocking holes, affecting the cavity after the sound-absorbing function. It is recommended that when constructing, you can brush glue on one side (only brush glue on the base plate or keel, the amount of brush glue is slightly heavier than normal). At the same time, you can also match the grain nail reinforcement.

V-groove wall panels are CNC machine-cut to create 45°/90° grooves in the surface of the PET acoustic panels. The paper size can be customized. It is widely used as a wall panel in wall spaces. Our Poly acoustic panels are made from recycled PET, which is also fully recyclable for complete acoustic panels, and we can cut CNC cut and UV printed panels on the surface that are lightweight, fire resistant, impact resistant, tacky, easy to install, and most importantly have high acoustic performance.

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