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Reasons that Affect the Sound Insulation of the House

Nov. 09, 2020

Generally speaking, the reasons that affect the sound insulation effect of the house are: the sound insulation of the door; the sound insulation of the wall; the sound insulation of the windows. At the same time, according to the different materials of these three types, as well as the influence of the air layer and the attracting material, the influence of the acoustic bridge, the sound insulation performance is different.

1. Different materials will cause different sound insulation effects

Generally speaking, the change in the sound insulation of a single-layer uniform light-weight acoustic wall panelscan be judged according to the“law of sound insulation quality”of architectural acoustics, that is, the sound insulation is proportional to the weight of the unit area of the component. The volume of sound is increased by about 4-5 decibels. Therefore, a wall panel with a high surface density is better than a wall panel with a low surface density.

However, the surface density of the lightweight sound insulation wall panel is limited by product standards, so the sound insulation effect of the lightweight partition wall panel is realized by double or multiple lightweight partition wall panels. Therefore, when you buy a wooden door, remember to consult factors such as the material and thickness of the wooden door. Because this will affect the sound insulation performance between houses.

2. The influence of air layer and sound-absorbing material

Some wall materials adopt double-layer wall construction, and leave a certain thickness of the hollow layer gap between the two walls. Due to the elastic layer of the air layer, the sound insulation of the total wall can exceed the law of quality, and in the double wall The addition of EPS material to the air layer of the lightweight wall panel of the layered wall mechanism will more obviously improve the sound insulation of the double-layer wall. The quality of EPS materials will also determine the difference in sound insulation quality of lightweight wallboards. Good EPS materials can greatly improve the sound insulation performance of wallboards.

Acoustic Wall Panels

In addition, in fact, painting diatom mud materials on the wall is far better than latex paint, wallpaper and other wall materials. Diatom mud materials have the effect of reducing noise and sound insulation, as well as purifying indoor air. The new environmentally friendly wall material of upper diatom mud, its countless micropores can absorb and reduce noise, its effect is equivalent to more than twice that of cement mortar and slate of the same thickness, it can shorten the reverberation by 50% and reduce the noise transmission.

3. The influence of sound bridge

In addition, in addition to making a fuss on the surface of the wall, solid rigid connections between the air layers of the double wall should be avoided as much as possible, because such connections will act as a sound bridge, and the existence of the sound bridge will make the air layer sound insulation The effect is greatly reduced, destroying the elastic layer effect of the air layer, and reducing the sound insulation capacity significantly.

For example, although hollow-core partition walls or GRC lightweight partition walls can reduce the weight of the wall, and many manufacturers emphasize their good sound insulation effect in product promotion, in fact, the internal cavity cannot be equivalent to the sound insulation function. Air layer. This is because these cavities are surrounded by rigidly connected acoustic bridges, which cannot block the propagation of sound. In fact, the results measured in the laboratory prove that the performance of the solid lightweight soundproof wall panel is better than the hollow partition wall when the hollow slab of the same material is compared with the solid slab at the same areal density.

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