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Why Choose Acoustic Desk Screen?

Dec. 18, 2020

A good office environment will also bring comfort and belonging to employees, and the creation and taste of life will give you a design aesthetic full of inspiration and temperature.

Now people are more and more concerned about the efficiency and comfort of the workplace, so more and more companies will be more willing to buy flexible and multi-functional office appliances. For example, acoustic desk screen.


Due to the recent refurbishment of old aesthetic studios and warehouses into fashion, modern start-ups and corporate reforms require a large space with increased privacy and quietness. Deco Sound provides you with high-quality, aesthetically designed and innovative sound solutions.

Mixed with environmentally friendly materials with sound insulation design, these new designs are suitable for employees to attend meetings, make calls or even just "away from everything" rather than adding a dedicated lounge.

What is acoustic office furniture: Acoustic office furniture can create intimate social spaces and privacy, and hold concentrated meetings in open-plan offices.

Acoustic Desk Screen

 Why Choose Acoustic Desk Screen?

1. Convenience

By installing on the wall or on the desk, it will create a quieter and more private space. Enter a close and comfortable space. You can stand up and make a phone call, or just take a step back from your desk and step back to one of them to block the overwhelming sound or office walk. The reduction of lounge space also solves the lack of a large number of staff lounges in these companies.

2. Reduce noise

You have been in a meeting before, and you can still hear outside sounds, such as the sound of the phone ringing, the sound of employees joking and laughing, and the desk screen to reduce noise.

3. Simple and generous design

These simple and generous designs decorate modern offices. You can even abolish traditional cubicles or collaborative work spaces and create this "quiet library" in order to provide everyone with more privacy. This desk top soundproof screen is not only simple and practical, but also provides a choice for companies that are reducing noise space.

The desk top soundproof screen is the award-winning DECOSOUNDĀ® design and textiles, providing a beautiful design for the workplace

From sound insulation ceilings, acoustic felts and finished office sound insulation panels, DECO SOUND is committed to manufacturing the highest quality sound insulation panels for customers. Decorative acoustic panels in the work area. Poly sound insulation board is made of recycled PET. For the complete sound insulation board, we can cut CNC cutting machine and UV printed panels on the surface. It is lightweight, fire-resistant, impact-resistant, adhesive, easy to install, and most importantly, it has high Acoustic performance.

 We specialize in the production of high-performance poly acoustic panels made from recycled PET bottles. Our acoustic panels meet the requirements of ecological sustainability and environmental quality. We encourage you to contact us today to discuss how our decorative sound-absorbing panels can meet your needs. Thank you.

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