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Why Choose Polyester Acoustic Panels?

Nov. 30, 2020

The back cavity and the space-absorbing body made of polyester fiber absorbs sound greatly. The following polyester fiber sound-absorbing board suppliers to share some small knowledge about polyester fiber sound-absorbing board.

1. Advantages of polyester sound-absorbing panels

Material characteristics: 100% polyester fiber is heat pressed by high technology and made in the shape of cocoon-cotton to realize the diversity of density to ensure ventilation, and become an excellent product in sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials, the highest coefficient of sound absorption in the noise range of 125~4000HZ reaches 0.9 or more, according to different needs to shorten the reverberation time to adjust, remove sound impurities, improve the acoustics and improve the clarity of speech.

The product has the characteristics of decoration, heat preservation, flame retardant, environmental protection, light body, easy processing, stability, impact resistance, easy maintenance and so on.

2. Polyester sound-absorbing board sound-absorbing principle

Polyester acoustic panels are materials with a large number of tiny connected pores, along which sound waves can penetrate deep into the interior of the material, and convert acoustic energy into thermal energy by friction with the material. It is a porous sound-absorbing material, the absorption characteristic is that the absorption coefficient increases as the frequency increases, which means that the low frequency absorption is not as good as the high frequency absorption. 

This means that the absorption at low frequencies is not as good as at high frequencies. The absorption mechanism of the absorbing structure composed of polyester fiberboard and cavity is resonance absorption of the sheet.

At the resonant frequency, a large amount of sound energy is absorbed due to the intense vibration of the sheet.

Polyester Acoustic Panels

3. The installation process of the polyester fiber acoustic panel

3.1 Pay attention to the selection of plates and rows of plates before construction to avoid slight color difference.

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels, is made of polyester fiber as raw material, by hot pressing, due to the production of different batches and polyester fiber coloring is extremely difficult, under the action of sunlight, easy to produce a small color difference; therefore, in the purchase as far as possible to use the same batch of production of polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels, polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels before the construction of the platoon, adjusting the color difference and then according to the adjustment of the order of installation and construction.

3.2Processing of the base plate

(1) The non-porous foundation plate should be the foundation plate splicing gap with the seam adhesive paper paste solid.

(2) The perforated substrate shall close the hole with a thin film on the inside of the substrate.

3.3 Rigid ruler is suitable for cutting board

In the construction of polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels need to be cut, cutting is recommended to use steel ruler or alloy square steel as a ruler, do not use wood or soft material as a ruler, in order to avoid cutting lines are not straight cause splicing gap is too large or twisted. In order to reduce the relative splicing gap, when cutting, the blade can be tilted inward 0.5 ~ 1mm, so that the interface surface to form an internal bevel, easy to face the joint during construction, reducing the gap degree.

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