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Why Choose 3D Title Acoustic Wall Panels?

Jun. 24, 2021

Do you work best in a quiet environment? Even if this is not a problem for you, some of your colleagues may need to keep noise levels to a minimum in order to concentrate. Maybe the heartbeat of your office is a constant stream of phone calls and discussions. In all three cases, you'll need help managing sound.

3D title acoustic wall panel is an award-winning timeless design, inspired by alterations in atoms and molecules where incremental shifts in the bond variations create intrigue and engage our sense of exploration within our environment, the 3D design can create subtle or commanding patterns by altering the colour and orientation of the tiles to build formations that play with light and shadow

The recessed units in each panel are sound-absorbing pouches that have a larger surface area than flat panels to trap noise. This means the panel has the potential to be more effective than other acoustic solutions you've seen in the wild.

3D Title Acoustic Wall Panels

 3D Title Acoustic Wall Panels

3D title acoustic wall panels are a great way to address noise in the workspace, providing sound deadening in situations where communication cannot be avoided and concentration is required.


Echoes are a common problem in large rooms with high ceilings and hard surfaces, such as churches, art galleries and gymnasiums. It can also be a problem in your home environment. Items in the room that can help absorb these sound waves ...... carpets, drapes, furniture ...... all help stop echoes. When the room's décor is not enough to do the job completely, acoustic panels can be added to the walls, ceiling and floor to get the job done.


Give your office space an acoustical edge

Just as you spend time researching which desk is best for your office, you'll want to see how you can address your unique acoustical challenges. That's why we created the 3d acoustic wall panels of solutions, from freestanding panels to ceiling clouds, to help you build effective and attractive acoustical configurations.


Not only do these solutions help reduce employee distractions, but some of them also provide privacy and cordon off temporary spaces. These versatile acoustics can be used together to create some of the most focused, flexible and dynamic office environments you'll find!

You can choose from products with 3d acoustic wall panels that can be used to provide a decorative look while ensuring 3D wall panel ambient acoustics. The primary material used as content for the 3D wall panels has the same values as our other acoustic panel models.

Areas of use

With 3D acoustic panels that can be made in special sizes and shapes, you can create the perfectly designed room as you wish. Poplaty rooms with 3D wall panels, music rooms, recording studios recording rooms, offices, study rooms, conference rooms, etc. Ideal for acoustic environments.

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