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Why Choose 3D Title Acoustic Wall Panel?

Jan. 12, 2021

Imagine you are eating in a restaurant room, you can hear the room next to talk, in order to communicate you have to raise your voice, and so on, the whole restaurant becomes noisy, chaotic, affecting the conversation also affect the mood, this time you will realize how important acoustic design in the end acoustic design is complex, if the design is not good, the whole building, the space is not suitable for living, and not all buildings, in the design of the sound comfort, which requires us to live in the later use of sound insulation treatment again.

Acoustics" in architecture means to improve the sound in the environment. The first step is to understand the two technical categories used in acoustics: sound insulation and sound treatment. Sound insulation is "noise reduction", while sound treatment is "better use of sound".

1、Acoustic treatment

Soundproofing is usually a technique used in places that are noisy and need to be quiet, such as recording studios and living spaces in downtown areas. For sound insulation should be treated like the effects of bad weather, the structure is as strong as possible, no holes, no cracks, to reduce the noise into the space. Sound treatment, on the other hand, you want to improve the sound quality of the environment, such as in the restaurant can hear friends talking, students can hear the teacher's explanation, listeners in the concert hall can clearly enjoy the music, etc., this time you need to use the acoustic properties of building materials: absorption, reflection and transmission of sound. Like we usually say echo, to solve the sound absorption and diffusion.

3D Title Acoustic Wall Panel

3D title Acoustic wall Panel is an award-winning timeless design, inspired by alterations in atoms and molecules where incremental shifts in the bond variations create intrigue and engage our sense of exploration within our environment, the 3D design can create subtle or commanding patterns by altering the colour and orientation of the tiles to build formations that play with light and shadow.

2、Sound absorption

Sound absorption is the sound emitted after hitting the object is not reflected back into the incident sound. Open window is a good absorber, because the open window sound will not be reflected back, but this method is not realistic, so will use sound absorbers or sound-absorbing materials: acoustic cotton, fiberboard, sound-absorbing panels, sponges, etc., so that the sound is absorbed will not be reflected back into the room.

In principle, the more materials, the better the absorption. The denser the material, the lower the performance of sound absorption, so the strength of the penetration of the sound blocking is high, and the relative sound insulation effect is better. In the case of finishing materials, the density of small absorbing sound performance is high, often as a late sound-absorbing material, such as acoustic cotton.


Diffusion is the method of diffusing sound through diffusers or material panels to improve the sound of the space. However, even some professionals may misunderstand the process and tools of sound propagation. Diffusion will spread the reflected sound energy in the room, reducing strong echoes and reverberation.

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